About Masai Heritage Adventures

With over 30 years of safaris, tours, and holiday planning under our belt, we at Masai Heritage Adventures have the drive, knowledge, and experience to take you through the process of realizing your lifetime dream of an East African holiday.


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Photography - Our Library

At Masai Heritage Adventures, we share our non-stock exclusive collection of images for your enjoyment - and offer to sell these either in soft copy or in print form.Our focus is to share with the world the real colours of natural Africa and to dispel the myth that Africa is a dark continent.The goal is to preserve, for posterity, the beauty and art that abounds in this vast and diverse cradle of mankind, capturing moments that last a lifetime.A visit to this gallery is meant to sooth and relax your mind if you are a lover of nature, colours, light, shadow and darkness that combine to create a photographic masterpiece.We only showcase our own non-stock images - that you will not see anywhere else